Bamboo floors have had kind of a rough go since the popularity of wood laminate floors has taken off. However, just like with laminate flooring, there have been advancements made in the world of Bamboo flooring, Melbourne. Before you decide either way, consider a few of the benefits of installing a Bamboo floor. Melbourne, take a look.


Much is made about how easy it is to keep floors clean, but it’s not that hard to clean Bamboo flooring, Melbourne. Pre-finished real Bamboo floors, for example, don’t require the labour intensive waxing that wood floors have notoriously needed. So, if your concern is about the challenge of keeping the floor clean, then take a look at pre-finished Bamboo flooring, Melbourne!

Additionally, when a timber floor needs to be repaired, it’s almost always necessary to remove several of the planks just to fix one of them. On the contrary, when you have a Bamboo floor, Melbourne, (depending on installation method), you can simply replace out one piece and lay another without the hassle of removing so many planks.


Sure, real wood is more expensive than Bamboo, but in this case, the old saying is true – you get what you pay for. Bamboo flooring can last about 20 years if maintained properly.

Another perk is that your property value goes up when you install a Bamboo floor, Melbourne! You can’t really say that about some laminate flooring!


Perhaps one of the best perks about installing real Bamboo flooring, Melbourne is that, unlike laminate flooring, It’s not a problem with real wood flooring. to replace a board.

Of course, the choice is yours, and only you will know what’s best for your home and budget. But, if you want a real Bamboo look for your floors, the best thing to do is to use the real thing!

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