The idea of do-it-yourself projects appeal to a lot of people, but there are some jobs that just seem out of reach, like floor sanding and Polishing Melbourne. The key to successful floor sanding, Melbourne, is in the prep work. Just keep in mind a few tips, and it’ll go a lot more smoothly than you think.

Take It Off

The first thing you need to do when preparing the room for floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, is to get everything out of there. This includes all window coverings, wall hangings, furniture (of course!), and doors that open into the room. Why doors? It’s impossible to fully and effectively sand and polish under doors, even if you open and close them.

Cover It Up

Next, cover any openings, such as air filters, heat vents, windows, and, of course, door openings. This will minimize the spread and settling of dust drift (which is substantial), and, more importantly, it will keep the dust out of the ducts and vents, which will help prevent the dust from traveling around your house.

Top Nailed Boards

We Make sure all of the nails are nailed to .3 cm below surface level. Why? Simply stated, nail heads will rip our sanding belt and damage the sanding drum. so we take this step seriously. Then we apply putty to fill the nail holes.

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