Have you been looking for a new innovative design for your home?  Would you prefer an eco-friendly alternative to timber?  Bamboo flooring Melbourne has become a top choice for the eco-conscious consumer looking for the beauty of timber without the environmental impact.  If you’re considering this option, the team at Ascot Floors can help. At Ascot Floors, we offer full service solutions for all of your flooring needs – from installation to maintenance and beyond.  With years in the business, we offer an honest service with a team of top quality professionals that can address any concern and give you a fair price for what you need.  When you’re ready to learn more about bamboo flooring or consider other options, our mobile showroom will come to you!  Ascot Floors have a team of experts standing by to assist with all of your flooring needs.

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When it comes to bamboo flooring, Melbourne relies on us for top quality from the very beginning.  We’ll start with a consultation, which will allow you the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insight into various materials as well as the installation process.  Our team of flooring experts will offer advice to ensure you achieve the best results for your home.  Once you’ve chosen your material, we’ll get to work creating a one of a kind masterpiece for your home.  Your bamboo flooring in Melbourne will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Are you ready to get started?  The ascot Floors team is standing by waiting to hear from you. Let us assist in the selection process with the convenience of our mobile showroom.  We’ve got a wide range of materials along with the latest flooring concepts. To begin, contact us on 0418 342 086. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Are you looking for a unique type of flooring?

Sometimes you can get sick of the usual type of flooring. Sometimes you want a little more. You want something that is a bit different.

You want your flooring to perhaps say something about you as a person. Even say something about the warmth and atmosphere in your home. You want it to speak volumes about you, and who you are.

You know the usual types of flooring out there. Laminate. Hardwood. Timber. It may not have occurred to you that there is something else out there.

There is a particular type of flooring out there that is growing more and more popular. That flooring is bamboo. You can get bamboo flooring Melbourne that will make your home just that little bit different to everyone else.

With bamboo flooring Melbourne you will still get the same old perks that you would get with your typical flooring. By that we mean timber, hardwood, laminate.

Your floor will still look great with bamboo flooring. It will still be durable. There is one crucial difference though. Daring to be different by getting bamboo flooring Melbourne will make the flooring on your home stand out.

How so?

Because bamboo flooring speaks volumes about you. It speaks volumes about you because it clearly shows you are an eco-conscious consumer. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to any other type of flooring.

Not only is it environmentally friendly compared to other types of flooring but it shows that you aren’t afraid to be a little different. To stand out from the crowd a little. The sophistication of bamboo flooring will shine through all of your home.

People who come to your house won’t be able to help notice that your flooring is different. Different in only the best way. Bamboo flooring simply looks great with the durability and then some of other types of flooring.

When you look at bamboo flooring it tends to stand out on its own just because of the naturally light colour it emits. It has a kind of unique glow to it that other flooring doesn’t provide.

The thing that is so different with bamboo is that it is a renewable resource. That meaning that because it is a grass plant and not a tree it will grow back after it has been harvested. There is a drastically reduced environmental effect from using bamboo flooring Melbourne compared to other types of flooring.

If you would like something that is a little different to your flooring. Something to showcase how wonderful your home is then you should try bamboo flooring Melbourne.

There is one problem though. You will need it professionally installed.

To have your bamboo flooring Melbourne professionally installed you can check out Ascot Floors. They are a team of professionals who always strive for excellence in what they do. On top of that, they pride themselves on great customer service and great work so you won’t be disappointed.