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Transform Any Space

At Ascot Floors, we want you to be thrilled with the results.  Our efficient team will get right to work restoring your old floors to like new condition with our innovative floor polishing and sanding services.  We stay on top of the latest techniques and trends to ensure you are able to get the exact look you’re after without the hassle of new floor installations.  When you choose us, you’ll be in the right hands.  As the flooring experts, you’ll have peace of mind that your floors will look like new in no time.


We have established a solid reputation through years of honest, top quality services.  Our team of professionals provide loyalty and integrity throughout each service to ensure your every need is met.   At Ascot Floors, we take care of our customers.  When you entrust your home to us, you’ll receive the utmost in care from start to finish. We take pride in every job we do, and by focusing on providing and continuing to provide that service we are growing at a steady rate.  Whether it is a complicated job, or a job of maintenance with a proper sanding and polish, look into us and let us steer you the proper way to get the most for your money.

Maintaining the floors in your home is important.

Everyone wants flooring in their home that looks great but also last a long time. A great looking floor in your home can add a depth of warmth and atmosphere in your home that not many other things can provide.

The last thing you want is everything else in your home looking great only to have the major letdown of the floor looking terrible. A terrible looking floor dampens the atmosphere you want in your home. It takes something away from everything else in your home that looks great.

Imagine walking into a home where the interior throughout looks fantastic. You look down at the floor. It looks old and tatty. It has stains on various parts of the floor. It looks as if it hasn’t had a decent polish in years and its reflected by how it looks.

It can even be embarrassing to invite guests into your home with a floor that looks like this. It doesn’t create the best impression of you as a person when your home doesn’t reflect what you want it to. The biggest letdown would be just the floor to but that can be fixed easily enough.

Floor polishing Melbourne is one way that is guaranteed to fix this problem for you. Floor polishing Melbourne will make your home look amazing. It will make it look as if your flooring is brand new again even if you know it isn’t. You can just keep that secret to yourself.

Floor polishing is essential if you want to maintain the quality of your floor. Whilst it can be annoying to organise getting your floor polished, that hassle is better than putting up with an old looking, tatty floor. That terrible looking floor is simple to avoid when you make the most of floor polishing Melbourne.

Imagine how much better it will be to get home from work and see your floors shining again. Emitting that shine that they had when they were brand new. You will actually feel more comfortable inviting guests into your home. You will actually feel proud of your home.

There are other benefits with floor polishing Melbourne that you may not be aware of. One of the major benefits is hygiene. Polishing your floor actually helps maintain a high level of hygiene. If you have a family you will know how important it is to maintain high levels of hygiene in your home.

Young children are bound to get down on all fours and crawl around the floor. You don’t want them crawling around the floor breathing in any germs and bacteria that has developed on the floor. Floor polishing can help you with this problem.

You will need professionals of you want your floor polished. Floor polishing Melbourne is always left to the professionals at Ascot Floors. They offer a high quality service with value that is hard to beat in all of Melbourne.